What is the Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP)?

As the most llqp used abbreviation in the insurance industry, llqp means Life Licence Qualification Program. It is a required certification if you want to sell life insurance in Canada.

llqp courses are available through a variety of insurance education providers across the country. Depending on the course and location, cost will vary. Once successfully completed, students can apply to write a provincial exam through their chosen insurance regulator.

Demystifying the LLQP Exam: A Comprehensive Guide to Success

The llqp exam is a multiple-choice, open-book exam with a national passing grade of 60%. The exam is split into four mandatory modules: life insurance, accident and sickness insurance, segregated funds and annuities, and ethics and professional practice. Each module has 140 questions and participants have four hours to complete the exam. The exams can be taken in one sitting or in separate modules, but a student must pass all four to receive their certificate.

Once a student has passed the llqp exam, they can start their career as an insurance salesperson. They can also work as an adviser or financial planner.

The llqp exam is a difficult test, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. The key is sufficient preparation, including lots of practice exams under simulated exam conditions. This way, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect when it comes time to take the actual exam. And, by analyzing your results after each exam, you can improve your studying habits to ensure you’re better prepared next time.

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