Romanian Worker in France

Romanian worker in France

The article examines how Romanians working in France have forged a new form of solidarity, often by remitting money to support family members back home. These remittances are not just an expression of care and a way to sustain their families, but also a form of resistance against the repression and discrimination they experience in France.

The main interim roumanie are as follows: In urban centres, Roma migrants make their living by begging and working ticket, snapshot and candy machines at railway stations in Paris and other French cities. A few months ago, D.D., a young man in his early 20s from Buzescu, a town in south central Romania famous for wealthy Roma involved in organized crime, arrived at the Gare du Nord and lesser rail stations to help foreign travelers work the machines. He dressed in a shirt, tie and sport coat to attract attention and make money.

Exploring the Role of Romanian Workers in France: Trends and Insights

In rural communities, a Romanian physician arriving in France is regarded as a much-needed resource for local health services. These physicians, who usually speak French, are considered to have the same professional skills and practices as their counterparts in the country of origin, as well as a familiarity with the Vidal medical dictionary. They are expected to practice in accordance with the same rules as French doctors and to make themselves available to serve the local community, as a country doctor would have done in the past.

The article concludes that a more effective strategy for dealing with the issue of Roma workers in France should focus on easing job market access for Romanians and Bulgarians, rather than closing down illegal camps or repatriating their residents to their respective countries of origin. Such a move, based on a European Union mandate, could provide a solution for the estimated 15,000 Roma from both countries currently living in squalid conditions across France.

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