Mighty Dog Roofing SWFL – How to Spot Shady Roofing Companies Near Me

When homeowners believe they have roof damage from wind, hail or other storm related reasons, the first step is to call their insurance company and file an insurance claim. In the process, many homeowners are contacted by contractors who are working on behalf of the insurance company to inspect the roof. The problem is that shady roofers are taking advantage of the situation by offering inflated estimates to homeowner that will often go unnoticed or even pushed through with the insurance company.

There are ways to tell that a roofing companies near me contractor is legitimate and not a scammer. One of the most important is the ability to do a quick complaint search on the contractor. This will quickly eliminate those that are not worthy of your business. Another is to ask for references from other local residents that have used the roofer. These can be found on Facebook or the NextDoor app and can help you to make a sound decision.

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Also, beware of any roofers that do not provide a written estimate to the homeowner up front. This is usually a sign that they are not a true roofing contractor with a long history of service in the area. They will also avoid giving you an upfront insurance claim estimate so they can keep the money from your insurance company for themselves. They may also try to convince you that they will take over your entire insurance claim from the start and do not want you to get any of the money yourself.

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