Twists Vs Dreads

Twists and dreads are two distinct hairstyles that require different methods of maintenance. Both styles have cultural significance and should be treated with the proper care and respect they deserve.Find Out: groenerekenkamer

Are twists and dreads the same?

The first difference is that twists are formed by separating sections of hair and twisting them together. Dreads, on the other hand, are created when hair is not combed or groomed and is allowed to mat and lock together over time. Dreads are a great way to protect natural hair and prevent breakage, while promoting healthy hair growth.

To create dreadlocks, start by isolating one strand of your new hair and gathering all the surrounding new growth in your hand. Next, use a metal rat comb or your fingers to twist that strand around the base of your other dreadlocks. Repeat this process on all your new hair and dreads until you have the desired amount of length. Be sure to moisturize your dreads regularly with a deep conditioner and/or oil. Sleeping with your dreads wrapped in a silk scarf or nylon is also a good idea as this will help to keep them from picking up fuzzies and becoming tangled or matted.

When it comes to dreadlocks, it’s important to note that not all dread products are created equal. Some can be too heavy and cause build-up, which may lead to matting and tangles. This is why it is best to only use dreadlock products that are specifically formulated for textured hair.

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