Shop Front Design

Shop Front Design

A successful shop front grabs attention, captivates the passer-by and makes them want to enter. It is a physical representation of the brand and can be the first impression of the business – if it is dull, unimaginative or uninspiring then customers will just pass by. More info:

There are many different ways to do this, it depends on the type of business and the context within which it is set. For example, in a street of similar shops a simple elegant front with beautiful detailing will stand out. However, in a traditional shopping street a front that does not respect the scale and architectural style of existing buildings can obliterate the character of the street.

Brick-and-Mortar Brilliance: Transforming Your Shop Front for Success

A shop front should be able to be viewed at all times and not be blocked by awnings or internal features. Generally, it is preferable to have a window frame that is recessed into the shop front rather than protruding above the pavement. This will enable shoppers to see inside without having to pause or move out of the way of passing traffic and other pedestrians.

The front should be easily read, in clear, contrasting colors. Alternatively, it should have striking signage to attract passers-by. A-boards and other promotional displays can be used to supplement the main shop facade, but should always be limited in number and kept to a minimum so as not to overshadow or obscure the shop front. They should also be well placed so as not to interfere with the view into the shop.

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