The Most Controversial Online Games

If there’s one thing that’s ยูฟ่า เว็บพนันออนไลน์ inevitable in video games, it’s controversy. Some titles, despite being wildly popular and lauded by critics, have become the target of heated debate. And, while studies haven’t found any direct links between gaming and real world violence, some have still been accused of encouraging aggression and hate. We’re talking about games that have sparked moral panics, provoked outrage, and made people want to call the police.

It’s easy to forget now, but on release Doom’s gorey combat and demonic themes caused a wave of moral panic, setting the template for how games could be linked to real world violence. It’s arguably still one of the most controversial online games ever created.

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This violent game set players in the role of a sex addict who goes on a bloody turf war with rival gangs. It sparked outrage from parents groups who were concerned it would encourage kids to play GTA IV and even prompted Mothers Against Drunk Driving to call on the ESRB to bump the game’s rating up to AO for Adults Only.

This was a hardcore sandbox where players could do pretty much anything they wanted, including killing characters resembling young girls and taking on a number of ethical challenges. The most controversial part of it was probably the magazine ads which depicted some very disturbing imagery – see ‘Beautifully Executed’ for an example of the kind of picture that caused outrage. The game itself was a lot of fun, and 2K Boston president Ken Levine defended it by saying that “we’re pushing the boundaries of the medium, testing its limits”.

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