How to Apply and Remove Car Vinyl Stickers

car vinyl stickers

Car vinyl stickers can liven up a space, add personality to an item or simply give you a creative outlet. They come in many colors and can be used on a variety of surfaces such as windows, laptops, mugs and walls.

How to Apply a Vinyl Sticker

The best way to apply a sticker is to peel the backing paper and position the decal where you want it. It is also a good idea to use masking tape as a guide, so the sticker is in the correct location before you remove it.

When you’re ready to remove the sticker, gently heat up the area around it with a hairdryer and peel from one corner. You can also use a product such as Goo Gone to help remove the adhesive residue.

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The most common place to place a car decal is on the outside of your windows. This is because it’s a clean and reasonably flat surface, making it less likely to be warped or skewed when applied.

Where Not to Apply a Decal

Some places on your car that are not a good choice for a vinyl decal include the seats and headrests. These are often made of leather and are treated with conditioners that can cause the adhesive to fail.

Where to Remove a Vinyl Sticker

Most car decals are made of removable vinyl and can be removed easily. However, they can damage the paint of your car when not removed carefully. Permanent vinyl can be more difficult to remove, but it’s usually safer than temporary removable vinyl.

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