Custom Military Patches

custom military patches

Custom military patches are a symbol of rank and status for members of the military, and they help communicate a member’s branch of service, specialty qualifications, and experience to other military personnel. They instill pride in the military and their mission and remind the members what they are fighting for. A common patch that is worn on the left shoulder of a uniform is the rank and rate patch, which signifies a member’s military rank and their current assignment.

The patch may also represent a unit’s history or achievements, or it could simply be an expression of the military’s spirit and culture. When designing custom patches, it’s important to consider the intended purpose of the patch and select dimensions that strike a balance between visibility and practicality.

The Art of Custom Military Patches: Design Tips and Inspiration

Custom patches can be made in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be embroidered or sewn on uniforms and other clothing. They can be made of a wide range of materials, including cotton and denim, wool, silk, and even leather.

Embroidery is the most common method for creating high-quality patches. The Industrial Revolution brought big changes to embroidery, enabling the use of sewing machines and bringing production costs down dramatically. The result is a high-quality patch that will hold up to harsh military environments and heavy use for a long time. A good-quality patch will have a high-quality background fabric that’s sturdy enough to hold the stitching of the design.

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