Canada Weed Delivery

In the era of legal cannabis, people can now purchase marijuana products directly from licensed online dispensaries. This is a great convenience for individuals that would rather not commute to a physical dispensary and instead shop from the comfort of their home. The process of buying and obtaining cannabis products via delivery is fairly simple and easy, with the only hurdle being that you must be of legal age to make a purchase.

How much weed can you legally have in Canada?

Many Canada Weed Delivery have websites where customers can view the different strains and products they sell before making a decision on what to buy. This allows them to compare prices and find the best deals on the products they are interested in purchasing. Additionally, this competition helps to keep prices competitive which is beneficial to all consumers.

When an individual places an order, the dispensary will send the product to their home via a private courier service. This is a secure and discreet way to ensure that only the intended recipient receives the order. Additionally, the couriers will check the recipient’s ID to make sure that they are of legal age before handing over the product.

The Ontario Cannabis Store is the only retailer that offers weed delivery in the province at this time. This is because provincial regulators loosened restrictions to allow privately owned dispensaries to offer online ordering and delivery services, but the monopoly is only for deliveries from the OLCC’s retail stores.

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