The Art of Coaching: More Than Just Strategy

The Art of Coaching: More Than Just Strategy is a game-changing book that introduces the concepts of maximizing team performance and engagement with a framework, dozens of tools and hands-on strategies that can be used by educators at all levels. With the goal of improving student outcomes, this practical resource provides a new model for facilitating school coaching that can be implemented anywhere.

Educators know that daftar togel online successful teams are essential to learning. However, they often lack the support and training to develop their effectiveness. This is why coaching is so critical to the success of our students, schools and profession. A recent study found that teachers who receive regular and ongoing coaching are more likely to implement their new teaching and leadership practices in classrooms than those who don’t. Coaching helps teachers build their capacity to reflect, apply and share their new learning with colleagues and to take responsibility for improved teaching and learning.

The Art of Coaching: More Than Just Strategy

The most successful coaches develop relationships with their athletes, fostering trust and respect. They establish open lines of communication and provide clear feedback, and they create a positive environment that supports and motivates players. The science behind these principles of building buy-in and engagement is well established, but the application of these concepts is where most coaches struggle.

Coaches must recognize that everyone is unique. They must understand that each player is introspective and sensitive, and they may respond differently to criticism or feedback. They must also understand that managers extrinsically motivate their employees, whereas coaches intrinsically encourage their growth.

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