Microdose Mushrooms Online to Treat Depression

If you’re buy psychedelics online for ways to elevate your mood and calm your mind without the typical side effects of psychedelics, consider microdosing mushrooms online. These edible mushroom products are made with the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin and have been proven to provide short-term mood-boosting, stress-reducing benefits. There are a number of legal online vendors that offer psilocybin-infused products like gummies and chocolate bars to help you shroom responsibly.

Mikaela Epperson is a mom and a full-time nurse who suffers from debilitating depression and has tried everything she can think of to get better. She has recently found relief in a little-known practice of ingesting very small doses of illegal mushrooms called psilocin to treat her depression. The North County mom calls it microdosing.

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She has been microdosing mushrooms for about a year now. She has a few rules that she adheres to, such as taking the mushrooms with a therapist and a guide in the woods or at her home and following a schedule of three days on and four off. She has found the experience to be life-changing.

The scientific community is catching on to this ancient practice, with researchers studying the potential of psilocin and other psychedelics in treating treatment-resistant depression, among other conditions. Some are even testing psilocin with large, so-called “macro” doses to see how the psychedelic compound could be used as a preventive against mental health issues.

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