Defining Beauty: This Year’s Global Trends

Defining Beauty This Years Global Trends

Defining Beauty: This Year’s Global Trends we enter 2019, beauty brands are already spotting trends that will shape the year ahead. While some of these trends may seem obvious, others could surprise beauty pros and consumers. Here are 10 of the trends to look out for this year:

Glowy, your-skin-enhanced cosmetics

The head-to-toe glow trend that started with Fenty Beauty’s Lava Body Luminizer has made its way from the red carpet to everyday beauty. Expect to see more of this in 2019. This beauty trend is easy to achieve by combining light layers of products with a synthetic brush. This will allow your skin’s natural tone and texture to show through while creating a glowing, more youthful appearance.

Unbundled beauty services

As the luxury skincare space continues to grow, look for more beauty and wellness brands to expand into untapped categories, such as baby and children’s skincare and menopausal women’s care. Companies that focus on addressing these untapped markets without oversimplifying complex consumer behavior dynamics will thrive.

Natural ingredients and transparency

As consumer demand for organic and natural beauty continues to grow, keep an eye out for more beauty companies to invest in their supply chains. This could include expanding their sourcing options beyond current ones, such as investing in farms to not only provide raw materials but also serve as testing labs for new products and ingredients. This will be particularly important as crop shortages continue to impact popular ingredients such as jojoba oil.

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