Blue Poppy Herbs

blue poppy herbs

Blue poppy herbs

The blue poppy Herbs line of herbal products has been formulated by Bob Flaws, one of the most respected TCM therapists and instructors in the Western world. The goal is to help acupuncturists and other licensed health care professionals, students of oriental medicine, and their patients benefit from the healing power of Chinese medicine through formulas that are designed specifically for use in western culture.

About these herbs

The Health Benefits of Blue Poppy Herbs

Herbal extracts are produced in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified factory in China under the strictest quality control standards. Every batch is tested for pesticides, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants by an independent Food and Drug Administration approved lab. The resulting product is screened for botanical identity by a trained Chinese medical pharmacognosist. The raw materials are then cooked in a 50:50 solution of distilled water and alcohol to remove the volatile oils and then freeze-dried at -25EdegC with vacuum extraction to pull off air, water, and the alcohol.
These powerful concentrated extracts are 10:1 extracts and deliver the decoction equivalent of 5 grams of fresh herb per capsule.

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